This is most amusing!  We have a world-class teacher for our children…week after week our homes are blessed by the energy, encouragement and instruction you offer our children…our children’s children will be beneficiaries of the treasure you have given!  Yes, we have something to say.  If I may venture to speak just for a moment for all of us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for touching our lives and for touching the lives of future generations.  What a banquet you have offered your students through inviting them to hear back through history the finest of many eras!  What a gift you give week after week as you draw each of your students to a deeper love of music!  While you make the mysterious accessible, you bring depth and mystery to what might otherwise have been viewed as simple.  The weekly improvements and the continuous achievements of your students are only some of the ways in which you successfully influence your students.  Thank you for who you are and all that you continue to give!

– Deani Van Pelt

What I appreciate most about your teaching, is that you challenge them to work at their highest potential.  Our children have progressed so much faster, and learned more about music, and more music than with any other teacher.

– Irene Vogel

When we listen to Taylor play it brings us so much joy, we feel so proud, and we owe this to you.  Patience and knowledge are just two of the many attributes that you possess.  You are truly an amazing pianist and you inspire your students to appreciate music.  You give them a desire to learn and excel.

-Jo-Anne and Bob Van Belleghem

It is rare to find a skilled teacher who is also a master of their instrument. It is rare to find a teacher who recognizes different gifts in their students and is able to draw these out in sensitive ways for each.  It is rare to find a teacher who understands the power of music and the implications for our whole life and view of the world.  Sadly, it is even rare to find a teacher who will be honest with their students so that they know when they are heartily congratulated, they have truly achieved something.    Olga Tcherniak manages to embody all four qualities.  She is a mentor to my children, not only in their love for music and daily work discipline but in their development as complex and talented human beings.  We are very grateful for her energy and dedication.

– Angela Strauss.

When I think about Olga, I think of only two words: true professional…
When it comes to teaching music, Olga is a perfectionist. She pays attention to the smallest details and minor nuances of her job. Her work is not only about teaching the right notes and proper playing technique, but also about learning to appreciate music and the world surrounding us. It is about attitude towards art and life in general.

– Vlad Bartchouk

Having three children playing under the tutelage of Olga has been a blessing.  Olga has a natural way of inspiring a love for music and always tries to encourage the student to reach for the top.  Our piano is being played for a large portion of the day and it is “music to our ears”.  I never tire of hearing the children practice.
Olga is very gifted in all aspects of music, not just playing, but music appreciation, composing, teaching, and theory classes, and she demonstrates that love for music to her students.  Olga’s standards are VERY high, which is a motivator for the kids.  The kids also know that when they are complemented, they have truly accomplished something.  She is a very honest teacher and sees the potential in each student.

– Klaske Kroesbergen